What Is Upper Funnel Marketing

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To be noticed as a business on the internet, you need to be exposed to as many internet shoppers as possible. For that, you need a tool or set of tools that will make those internet users aware of your brand or product.

This need is where funnel marketing comes in handy so more people will discover your business on the online market. They need to be made aware of your product and that it might be a good choice for them.

Let’s take a look at what the function of an upper funnel is and how business owners can use it to improve their online exposure.

What Is an Upper Funnel?

When you want to promote a product or business, you first need to make people aware of it. This is the primary function of the first step in the funnel marketing process, which is called the upper funnel.

The upper funnel aims to make potential buyers aware of your business or brand to increase the need to buy. At this stage, the buyer still wants to research to find the best product for their current need.

It is essential that you provide correct and thorough information about your brand or product to pique their interest. There are several great funnel tools available for businesses out there to make this process easier, such as Funnel Mates.

Upper-funnel marketing is known by many names. The most commonly used are the awareness funnel, ToFu, and the top of the sales funnel. By using awareness tactics, marketers use Top-of-the-funnel marketing to expose a particular brand to their target audience.

Strategy Of an Upper-Funnel

The upper funnel is mostly about reaching as many potential buyers as possible and stirring up a need for your product. Visual display ads and videos that promote your business and product are good examples of methods to reach your goal.

Content marketing at this stage will provide you with a lot of research about users and their current needs. To make more people aware of your brand, you need upper funnel ads to initiate awareness growth for your brand.

A lot of technical knowledge about all the items used for awareness growth is needed to succeed. Getting this stage up and running may also cost a lot, so people become aware of your brand and products.

You can save money at this stage of your funnel marketing if you make use of pre-made apps and streamline the possess. One of these versatile apps you can use is Funnel Mates, which is available at a very affordable fee.

Features Of an Upper-Funnel

There is more to an upper funnel than just trying to make potential buyers aware of your business and its products.

  • The best method in this social media age is to reach people on the most popular social media platforms. 
  • Top of the funnel marketing creates a stage where people can come and learn about your product or brand.
  • These visitors to your brand are all potential leads to the next stage of the full-funnel marketing process.
  • Not all visitors to your brand will turn out the be potential marketing qualified leads, but you need to hook most of them.
  • With the upper funnel, you have the opportunity to create a need with the audience for your products or brand.
  • It also generates attention for your product which will lead to trust-building with your brand.
  • This allows you to make them potentially aware of you even before they require your product.
  • One can use many different marketing strategies in this stage of the funnel marketing process to put you ahead of the competition.
top of funnel word or concept represented by wooden letter tiles

About Funnel Mates

Funnel Mates is a funnel builder platform that allows you to create your funnels straightforwardly. Business owners can do this by making use of the customized templates that are built into the application.

Creating a funnel on your own is not easy and you need to have some level of expertise to do it. But with Funnel Mates, you do not need that expertise because everything is already done for you.

You can use these funnels you created to increase your brand awareness and make money without the need for your own domain. That is because it is a cloud-based, full-fledged funnel creator you do not even need to install to use it.

Whether you are only a beginner or need to increase awareness of an existing business, Funnel Mates is the easy way to do it. As the price goes up in the near future, waste no time and grab it at the current give-away price.


Now that you know what an upper funnel is, you also have a basic knowledge of the best methods to expose your brand. Keep in mind that this method allows you to become a trusted brand even before the target audience has a need.


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