What is PLR Content: Cheap Services or Waste Of Money

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For most companies, creating custom content can be costly and time-consuming. Many companies turn to PLR content for marketing and promotional content without a dedicated in-house content creation team. But what exactly is PLR content? And is it a worthy investment for companies to make?

PLRs: The Future of Marketing

PLR or Public Label Rights refers to pre-made content that can be edited and used in companies’ marketing and advertising practices. They come in the form of eBooks, computer software, articles, videos, educational materials, audio or sound clips, and even graphics or images.

PLRs are relatively cheap and are sold in packs from various online sources. These are great for companies who want to add more to their advertising or promotional materials but do not have either the skill or time to create this content on their own from scratch. PLRs are created by various sources and placed online for sale. All content is created from scratch and can be edited to suit the company’s needs.

PLRs: The Good and The Bad

There are many positives and negatives of PLRs. While they are great for some companies, they might not be right for others, and finding the best PLRs for use in your company’s campaigns can be tricky. Let’s take a very quick look at both the positive and negative aspects of PLRs and see just how useful they truly are.

The Pros of PLRs

#1: PLRs are cheap

If you are responsible for your company’s content creation and find that you do not have time to do absolutely everything that needs to be done, you can purchase PLR content for relatively low prices online. While this sounds like a massive advantage, there are also negatives associated with the price. More on this later.

#2: Customizable

All PLR content is fully customizable and can be edited to suit your company’s needs. Choose from videos, articles, audio clips, images, and more to add to your company’s content portfolio. Add your company’s name, logo, and any other company-specific information that you want to add to create the best content possible.

#3: PLRs save you time

Why spend hours creating content from scratch when you can purchase PLRs and edit them to your heart’s content? While it might be a tad time-consuming to scroll through the hundreds of options available from various online sources, you save time by not having to create the content yourself. You can learn how to choose the best PLR content with various online training webinars. One of the best webinars is that of Anton Grantham.

#4: Expertise

Content creation takes a lot of skill. PLRs bring you expertise in graphics, articles, audio, and video that have been created by someone who specializes in that field. There is no need to hire someone with the skills needed to create this content when you can buy the PLRs for as little as a few cents per article.

These are all great advantages of PLRs. At this stage, you might be wondering why you should even hire content creators for your advertising and promotional material needs when you can purchase a pack of PLRs created for the industry in which your company operates. But just as there are an array of advantages, there are also disadvantages that you need to be aware of before choosing PLRs for your next campaign.

content is king

The Cons of PLRs

#1: Plagiarism

Plagiarism is rife on the internet. And with companies seeking material that will put them ahead of the rest, PLRs are not always the way to go. While the advantages are great, plagiarism is one of the biggest issues facing companies using PLRs in marketing or advertising materials. This can negatively affect a company’s reputation when its content seems exactly the same as another.

#2: Quality of the Content

PLRs are created to be sold to many companies. This results in content that is not always of the best quality and might bring your company name into disrepute. Choose PLRs from reliable sources and read the reviews of each before choosing the content that will meet your company’s needs. If you need help choosing PLR content, get free PLR training with Superseller.

#3: Duplication

Imagine the horror of finding multiple companies offering the exact same materials online. This is, unfortunately, a possibility when you purchase and make use of PLRs. Google does not penalize companies for duplicating materials but shows all search results with similar content. This, too, can negatively affect your company’s reputation and credibility when you use PLRs that have been mass-produced or sold to many companies.

#4: Unknown Quality or Content

PLRs are generally sold in packs. While this is great, and you get more bang for your buck, there is no option for you to view an entire pack of PLRs before you purchase it. It is almost like a lucky-dip bag; either you get great content or you get some great and other not-so-great content in each pack. It is a risk you take when purchasing PLRs from various online sources.

How to Choose PLRs

Now that we have looked at the positive and negative aspects of PLRs, it is useful to know what to look for when you are searching for PLRs online. Here are our tips on how to sort out the good from the bad:

  • Research the seller thoroughly. If they are available, read reviews and see how other customers have found this content.
  • Always search the content you are purchasing online. Remember that PLRs are generally mass-produced and you can not always expect custom work for next to nothing.
  • Always run a plagiarism check on all content before using it in your campaign or company materials.
  • Plagiarism greatly affects a company’s credibility and reputation. There are several online programs and resources available that you can use to check for plagiarism.
  • Learn how to choose the best PLR content. PLR training is available from various sources. Click here to find out more about this training.


PLRs are ideal for companies who want to save time and effort in their content creation. By purchasing PLRs for as little as a few measly cents per article, companies can make use of expertise and skills that they might not have in-house.

There are, of course, disadvantages, like plagiarism and poor quality of content, that need to be considered. Still, by doing your research and following our tips on choosing the best PLR sellers, you too can purchase quality PLRs that will add value to your next marketing or advertising campaign.


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