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Membership sites are a great way to add a little something extra to your business portfolio. It also allows you to extend your relationship with your customers and offer them higher quality content and services.

But that’s only if you are able to launch a profitable membership site. There is a wide range of things you have to consider when doing this and one of the best ways to create your strategy to build your membership site is to take a look at profitable examples available to you.

We’re going to look at some of the most profitable membership sites, why membership sites are so good for enhancing your business, and what exactly a membership site is. So if you have or are planning on launching one of these sites, make sure to keep reading.

Membership Sites: What Are They?

Basically, a membership site is a business you create online that allows your target audience to sign up for continual content delivery. This then extends value on top of your other available services or content. These are a great way to build a community and an audience and allow you to develop and test new services and products easier.

These typically are designed to have either different tiers or provide different types of content depending on the membership level the customer chooses to opt in for. You need to make sure that the content is something that is not readily available or is uniquely delivered so that the customer can see the value they are receiving from the expenditure of their funds.

Looking to Elevate Your Business: Why a Membership Site Might Be Your Ticket

Now that we’ve taken a look at what exactly a membership site is, let’s talk about why a membership site might be the ticket to elevating your business to the next level. There are three main reasons that this should be the next step in your business plan.

Build a Community

In order to keep a client around, you need to have a reputable and trustworthy brand. On top of that, having a genuine relationship with the most engaged people with your services and content can be very beneficial.

The more you build your community, the more they will be willing to invest in you. Along with this, by creating a membership site, you’ll also be able to collect emails, allowing you to reach out more often and create better content that is more targeted to the needs of the people you are serving.

Consistent Profits

Sometimes, there are ebbs and flows in your profits when you’re an online business owner. One month may be very good while you may struggle even to pay the bills the next month. A membership website allows you to create a consistent flow of cash coming in.

Yes, sure, there will be those that will sign up and then unsubscribe, but for the most part, you’ll have a pretty consistent flow of money coming into your bank account as long as you’re providing value and what your target audience is looking for.

Better ROI

When you continually have to create content and products, you’ll find that you’re spending more time on that than actually bringing in the cash. But by creating a membership site, you are batching your content and creating one product that will be sold to many different people.

That is going to give you a better return on your investment and help build your leverage so that you can enjoy your success more fully while still delivering top-notch content to your target audience and customers.

Learn to code concept on laptop and smartphone screen

Follow Their Example: Some of the Most Profitable Membership Sites

Now that we’ve looked at what a membership site is and why it could be so beneficial to your business, it’s time to look at some of the most profitable membership sites out there. By studying these sites, you may garner some knowledge and ideas to help ensure your launch is as successful as possible.

Code Academy

If you’re looking for a membership site designed to teach development, then Code Academy may be one of the most successful. It has over 45 million people across the globe signing up for its services.

They offer a pro version of their membership site with a money-back guarantee and a free trial. They have many other features that help build a community to assist those wanting to learn how to develop apps and programs.


Centered around those out there looking to create an online business in dropshipping, this course and membership site are very beneficial. Oberlo101 is a full-service course that helps individuals learn all the strategies and processes needed to set up their own dropshipping company. It’s very budget-friendly and allows access to a community as well as other aspects like coaching calls that will help elevate one’s business.


Most people dream of playing guitar, but it takes practice and skill to do so. Why not join a membership site that helps you learn how to do this? It also gives you access to tons of training options as well as a wonderful budget-friendly price on top of that.

Designed with a couple of different courses, there are multiple membership levels, which is what makes it such a profitable site.

Smart Blogger

Blogging is one of the most successful ways to get your brand and services in front of people’s faces. In order to be successful in this, though, you have to be very well versed in the niche of blogging, and that’s why a membership site like this one is so awesome. Offering several different courses, this site has everything one needs to build a successful blog.

Digital Marketer Lab

More and more people are turning to digital marketing as a way to make money. But it is an ever-changing world and has a ton of intricacies that could be challenging if you’re not familiar with them. That’s why this membership website is so profitable.

The site is designed to help budding digital marketers with content created by other successful marketers. It offers a wealth of other resources and content that can help elevate the individual’s results and it’s reasonably priced with different tiers.

Magnetic Memory Method

Sure, there are people out there who have wonderful memories, but they’re also a ton of people who have horrible memories. Magnetic Memory Method is a membership site that helps you learn how to focus better. There are a couple of different membership options, and this gives the target audience the ability to choose whether they want a certain amount of time or a yearly option.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of resources out there available to you so that when you are setting up your membership site, you can make sure it is going to be the most successful it possibly can be. For instance, taking a look at the Membership Marketers Club might be a great way to gain more knowledge and build a better community.

Of course, taking a look at some of the prime examples out there of the most profitable membership websites could also be a great idea. That is why we have given you several options above, and we hope that the other information along with that helps you have a successful launch of your new membership site.


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