Low Funnel Versus High Funnel

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Marketing funnels are visual representations of how a customer becomes aware of your brand and moves on to purchasing your goods or services. A digital marketing funnel represents the customer’s complete journey and highlights the steps taken from becoming aware of the product until they purchase it.

Stages in the Linear Digital Marketing Funnel


Most customers do not realize they have a problem until someone points it out. You will have to make them realize the problem and how your brand can help them. If you are the first to point out their problem, there is a high chance they will turn to your product or service.


At this stage, customers realize the problem and want to get rid of it. They are interested in a service or product. However, they want to know more about the brand. They want to see all you have to offer. Social channels are an excellent way to address audiences in the interest stage.


At this stage, customers want the product or service, but they will compare and try to view all their options. It is crucial to be ahead of your competition at this stage. Sponsored ads, social channels, and SEO are great ways to communicate with the audience at the right time. If your brand is the one they are constantly seeing, this will increase your chances.


Customers already know which products or services they want in the decision stage and have a list of shortlisted companies. Sponsored ads once again help you at this stage.


The customer has trusted your brand and has bought your product, or you have rendered your services. You must show them how much you value them. You could send emails verifying their transactions and inform them of other ways they could use the product.


The demanding job of getting the customer is over and done, but you have to retain the customer, which may prove tricky. It is vital to have an email list. You could give your existing customers discounts and coupons to keep them coming back.

The linear marketing funnel is somewhat obsolete because it fails to consider the different paths consumers have access to now and may take. With the advancement in technology, billions of people have access to the internet.

Stages of a Sales Funnel

Nonlinear marketing

The linear marketing funnel is a traditional one and is centered on the linear journey of the customer, from awareness to purchase. Nonlinear marketing allows a brand to participate in the consumer’s life actively. It doesn’t follow the traditional approach of only putting up ads; it subtly allows a brand to get involved in the consumer’s life.

The marketing funnel is often divided into high-funnel, mid-funnel, and low-funnel marketing.

High Funnel Marketing

Upper or high-funnel marketing is about strategies prioritizing brand awareness over direct conversions. This might mean paying for ads, promoting blog posts, or sponsoring public events. It’s all about getting your name out there and meeting prospective customers.

Mid Funnel Marketing

Middle-funnel marketing aims to get clients aware of your brand but who are not yet consumers of your products. Middle-funnel marketing often involves re-marketing and advertising to people that have visited your website at one point or the other. Doing this reminds them of the problem they’re looking to solve while reminding them of your brand.

Low Funnel Marketing

Low-funnel marketing is targeting people you know are about to become clients. These people are on the brink of acting and need a little push. It’s the people who might have items in their cart but have not gone on to check out. It can also be advertising directly to people searching for solutions you can help with. For example, if your company produces custom sheet metal in Austin and a user types “sheet metal company in Texas,” you should target them specifically.

High Funnel Marketing Versus Low Funnel Marketing

Using the high or low funnel marketing strategy depends on your goals and what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to get your brand out there and increase the traffic to your site, your best choice is high funnel marketing. If you are only trying to get customers, low funnel marketing will suit your needs.

The best option is to adopt all aspects of funnel marketing. To run a successful business, you need brand awareness and you also need clients to buy your products. Creating a balance between high and low funnel marketing is the best.

Benefits of Using a Sales Funnel

  • Attracts new leads
  • Focuses on the right leads
  • Helps build trust and relationships with leads
  • Increases conversion rate
  • Better forecasting of your sales volume

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Doing what is best for your business at all times is vital. And a good business owner will choose the best way to maximize efficiency and profits.


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