How to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

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Despite the rise of social media, email remains one of the top communication methods in the world. It’s used by about half of the world’s population, with over 293 billion emails sent daily. Furthermore, email campaigns generate $42 for every $1 spent, on average, making it an extremely effective marketing option.

However, a large market means hefty competition. Therefore, you need to stand out to make your campaigns effective, and this isn’t a simple task. Today, we’ll share 15 tips on how to improve email marketing campaigns.

How to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Personalization

Any effective marketing campaign must be targeted correctly and relevant for your leads. According to Salesforce, consumers are more likely to exchange their personal information if they receive personalized offers and content.

Utilizing behavioral-based segmentation for your email campaign personalization can significantly improve its efficiency—marketers who use this method notice an average of 760% increase in sales.

Consider implementing data analytics tools to divide your leads and existing customers into groups based on interests, shopping behavior, and other preferences. You can then create multiple campaign versions to appeal to each consumer segment.

Another way to personalize your campaigns is during user onboarding. You can offer them a brief questionnaire and walk them through your product or service’s core features.

Use Dynamic Content

Consumer attention span is getting shorter, and most aren’t willing to read through a large text block. To keep your leads interested, offer them dynamic content, such as videos, GIFs, and interactive surveys or polls. This will draw their attention and increase your campaign engagement.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Guests may abandon their shopping carts for different reasons. The most common one is high shipping costs or long delivery times. In this case, you’re unlikely to convince customers to complete the purchase.

However, sometimes, they may simply add products to the cart while casually browsing and forget about them. An insufficient buying intent can be remedied by abandoned cart emails.

According to Geckoboard, abandoned cart emails can recover up to 11% of lost sales. That’s a powerful tool for improving your conversion. Of course, the email content may be different depending on the reason for the cart abandonment and your business type.

A simple reminder may be effective enough, but if you’re willing to go an extra mile, consider offering your customers a shipping discount.

A Powerful Preview

Business owners without launching experience for email campaigns often neglect the preview text, focusing on the design of the content itself. Meanwhile, this is the first line your potential customers will see and the perfect opportunity to intrigue them.

On the other hand, if the preview contains generic text such as “having trouble viewing this email?” your customers may decide your offer isn’t worth their time.

Ensure that your preview text encourages your customers to open the email and reflects its content. For instance, if your offer 50% off everything during the weekend, mention that it’s a limited-time offer they can’t miss. Of course, you don’t have to disclose the entire email content, but a little teaser won’t hurt your campaign.

Design Is Key

Appearance matters in the world of marketing. Most users spend under a second analyzing whether they like your campaign design. If they don’t, they likely won’t proceed to your landing page to learn more. Thus, focus on making your campaign appealing, clear, and engaging. It should also align with your branding, boosting your recognition.

You may want to try different design layouts for the same campaign and use A/B testing to determine which works the best. And if you launch email campaigns regularly, strive to vary the appearance to keep your customers interested. If they see the same design repeatedly, they will be dismissive about reading through the offer, thinking the content is the same.

Omnichannel Experience

Data shows that businesses utilizing omnichannel marketing in their campaigns see a 287% higher conversion than those who don’t. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, omnichannel marketing is a multichannel approach to sales providing customers seamless navigation and shopping experience.

They should be able to easily jump between your landing page, social media, customer service, and emails without spending time searching for the required channel.

To set up a seamless omnichannel experience, add links to all your channels into your email campaign. Your leads shouldn’t have to Google your brand’s name to find your online store or send you an email query.

Use Transaction Emails Wisely

Transaction emails have a significantly higher open rate than promotion emails, so use them wisely. Don’t send generic “thank you for your purchase!” emails. Instead, add dynamic content, advertising, or a personalized offer underneath the basic information. Transaction confirmation emails are an excellent opportunity to upsell and build customer loyalty.

Request Customer Feedback

To improve your business, you should constantly gather and analyze data. While analytics extensions are helpful, direct customer feedback remains one of the best methods to determine your weaknesses.

Ask your leads and existing customers to share their opinions by completing a survey or composing a review on a recently purchased product.

Of course, most people are unwilling to spend their time writing feedback without getting anything in return. Thus, you may offer your customers a discount for the next order or a free product sample to encourage them.

How to Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

Automate the Process

Marketing campaigns are only efficient if your profit exceeds their cost. If you spend hundreds on designing campaigns and email software subscriptions but don’t see a significant sales increase, you’re doing something wrong. Furthermore, it takes time to test and optimize every email campaign.

You can reduce costs by utilizing a hosted automated email software such as Funnel Mates. It integrates email marketing software of your choice, including MailChimp, GetResponse, and AWeber, and offers a wide range of ready-made campaign templates branded for you. Most importantly, it’s affordable, and each campaign is thoroughly tested for effectiveness.

Mobile Responsiveness

As of 2021, over 1.7 billion people use their phones as their primary emailing devices. Consequently, your email campaigns must be optimized for mobile devices. Ensure that the campaign displays correctly, or the email might go straight to the trash. Opt for a single-column design with vertical scroll and use large, bold text for easy readability.

A Clear CTA

The lack of a clear and encouraging call to action is among the most common mistakes in email marketing. Your email campaign may be visually appealing and highly informative but completely non-effective for your customers if they don’t know what to do with the information.

For example, you send an email about your new product. If there’s no call to action and no link to your landing page, the readers may ignore it, even if they like the product. Is the product already available? How much does it cost? Consider adding a button for more information or get it to boost your landing page traffic and conversion.

Build Customer Loyalty

Focusing your email campaigns solely on converting leads into paying customers may give you a short sales boost. However, data shows that loyal customers are more willing to purchase and spend more. Furthermore, retaining existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones.

Use your email campaigns to build customer loyalty. Show your subscribers that you value them by offering special deals, birthday discounts, and personalized content.

Subscription Management Options

Getting people to subscribe to your newsletter is easier than keeping them subscribed. If you keep sending irrelevant emails or spam, you will lose leads.

The solution?

Provide your customers with newsletter subscription management options. Let them choose the preferred email categories or frequency. For example, some customers may only be interested in womenswear and wish to see updates regularly, while others want to receive updates about new menswear once a month.

Test, Test, Test

Every business operation requires regular testing for optimization. You should constantly test the results of your email campaigns to determine the best design layouts, offers, preview texts, and send times. Consider utilizing A/B testing – create two versions of the same campaign and track which one brings a higher conversion with analytics extensions.

Make sure to keep your changes subtle. For example, don’t send out two entirely different campaigns. Instead, change only one element, such as the preview text or the CTA, to see how this specific action affects your sales or open rates. With A/B testing, you can also determine what content resonates with particular audience segments.

Alternatively, you may pick an already tested and optimized email campaign among those offered by Funnel Mates. This cloud-based, fully automated software integrates numerous email marketing services to choose from and is highly affordable.

The Funnel Mates collection features email campaigns for businesses within any industry and any scale with proven efficiency. Furthermore, users can leave feedback to help others choose the right option.

Send Emails at the Right Time

Don’t expect your customers to browse through your offers between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, especially if your target audience is business people. And don’t assume that they will read your email after work – they will most likely forget about it. Pick the right time to send your campaigns.

Consider your target audience’s interests, professions, and time zones. Here’s where segmentation comes in handy – you can schedule emails for different times for customers in different time zones. You can also determine the most active times among your audience by utilizing email analytics extensions.

Effective Email Marketing

Your conversion rate should skyrocket now that you know how to improve email marketing campaigns. Remember that best results come over time. Keep testing, optimizing, and changing the design to determine what appeals to your audience.


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