How to Get Traffic to Your Dropshipping Site

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The key to success when opening up an e-commerce store, whether that be a dropshipping store or selling your own product, is to get people to this site. Without customers, there is no business, so finding ways to drive traffic to your dropship site is vital.

No matter how popular your product is, it’s not an effective option if nobody sees the site you’re selling it on. But there are many tactics that one can utilize to get traffic to your dropshipping site.

In this guide, we’re going to look at things you need to consider when you’re looking at your traffic and some core tactics and strategies you can utilize to get people onto your site to elevate your profits by converting these lookers into buyers. Let’s get right to it!

Things to Consider About Your Traffic

Before you dive into the tactics and strategies you can utilize to drive traffic to your dropshipping site, you need to understand the central foundation for any good business to convert traffic and make the business sustainable.

Here are the five things that you need to have a good understanding of and consider when looking at tactics and strategies to drive that traffic.


You need to think about the products you’re selling on your dropshipping site. Your product needs to be something your target audience is looking for and be of high quality. This means taking into account cost-benefit analysis and customer demand.

Target Market Size

When looking at the product, you have to look at the target market. Is the market large enough to drive the revenue you’re looking to accrue? In other words, are there people out there that are spending their money on the product already? This could be the exact product you are looking to sell on your dropshipping site or something similar.


Speaking of a target audience, you need to make sure that the market that you’re looking to sell the product to is there in the first place. This is done by doing market analysis and seeing if there is an audience that is already spending that money and shares the same basic principles so that you can build a customer bio to help with your marketing strategies.


You have to understand the why behind creating your dropshipping site. Of course, the end principle is always that you want to create a business from which you can have a steady income. But what other aspects are you looking to market? By understanding your why, you’ll be able to create copy and story for your brand that will help grab your target audience’s attention and drive them to your site instead of your competitors.


One of the biggest things about running your own business is understanding your budget. You want to get the biggest impact from your marketing strategies as you can for as little cost. So taking a look at how the costs will be to acquire the attention of your target audience is important. As we’re about to discuss, though, there are several ways that you can do this for free, which may help your bottom line in the long run.

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Core Tactics to Drive Traffic to Your Site

There are a ton of more intricate strategies that one can use to drive traffic to your dropshipping site. But there are a few core tactics that anybody who is trying to create an online business should utilize to ensure their conversion rates are improved.

Here are the core tactics that we suggest you use to drive traffic to your site.


Anybody who is looking to purchase anything online most of the time uses a search engine to locate it. That is why search engine optimization is so key. So taking time to build a keyword list and really optimize descriptions and your store’s page can result in increased traffic.

This is purely because most people that perform Google searches or other search engine searches tend to stay within the first two pages of the suggestions. So the better your SEO and the higher you rank, the more traffic you’re liable to get to your site.

Marketing Strategy

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, online stores don’t have you interacting with your customers face to face. That means that you have to have a good marketing strategy in order to grab their attention. Depending on the product you’re looking to sell, you need to create a comprehensive content strategy geared toward your target audience.

This could include things like a blog or a YouTube channel, or even simple social media content. The idea, though, is to make it compelling and eye-catching so that you can increase traffic to your website through these content strategies.

Social Media

Social media is one of those tools that is a cornerstone of all marketing strategies in business today. No matter if you’re an influencer or someone looking to drive traffic to your dropshipping site, you have to have a good handle on social media. Utilizing tools like Facebook to drive traffic to your website so that you can increase your conversion is a smart tactic.

Of course, you can utilize all of the social media platforms but choosing one or two key ones where you’ll focus your attention is smart. This way, you can spend your time interacting with your target audience and potential customers on social media.


Do not overlook the impact of creating an email list. Having a list of emails from previous customers can help you drive traffic to your site. By building an email list, you’ll be able to send out special discounts and offers and even unique content to people you already know have purchased from you. This will increase your return on investment and help drive even more traffic to your site, elevating your conversion rates as these individuals are already proven customers.

Affiliate Program

Once you’ve built up your dropshipping site, you may want to try a strategy that many larger companies have opted to utilize – an affiliate program. This tactic could drive more traffic to your site as you’ll have multiple people marketing your products on their own channels through their own content.

In order to do this, you’re going to want to do a lot of research, and it might be handy if you can connect with others that have utilized this method (like those in the Affiliate Launch Club).

Getting People to Your Dropshipping Site: Tactics You Can Use

Once you have the core tactics in place, you can start looking at other more intricate strategies to drive traffic to your dropshipping website. Here are three of the most effective strategies that we have compiled for you.

Social Media Ads

Utilizing social media to post about your new products or do simple lifestyle content creation is one thing. But a more elevated way to use social media would be to create social media ads for your dropshipping products and site.

Many social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have this capability, and though you may have to pay for them, they are still pretty cost-effective. This method will also allow you to target your ads to the audience you’re looking to get them in front of.

Influencer Marketing

Once you have your dropshipping site set up and consistent traffic to get more traffic, you may want to reach out and collaborate with people. There are many influencers on social media that you can then reach out to suggest a partnership.

These influencers will then utilize their audience to market your goods, expanding your visibility and driving more traffic to your site. Even better, you won’t lose any of that most valuable resource, time, because they will be doing the marketing for you.

Video Content

There is a wide range of content types that you can utilize to drive traffic to your dropshipping website. You can utilize social media posts as well as create a blog that gives a wealth of information that connects to your site. But one of the types of content that gets the most conversion and drives more traffic to any site is video.

So once you have everything ready, deciding to utilize video content like behind the scenes or testimonials, or even reviews could be a great strategy to help enhance the traffic to your site.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that you can create strategies that will help drive traffic to your dropshipping site. Having access to tons of resources and knowledge from those that have already executed some of the strategies above may be a great tool for you to have. This is why resources like the Affiliate Launch Club are so helpful.

By being able to utilize tactics and strategies to get customers to your website, you will increase your revenue and hopefully convert at a higher rate. We hope that all the information above helps you do just that!


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