How To End A Sales Pitch Letter

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Sales pitch letters are a form of marketing that allows you to reach out to potential leads and pitch your product to them directly. They often come in the form of an email or a private message online—or even a text message, and yes, snail mail can be handy too.

Whatever the format, every letter needs a killer ending that directs the lead further down the funnel towards a sale. Sales pitch letters are defined by those all-important lines at the bottom of the page, so make sure they’re perfect. 

Why The Ending Matters

If someone walked up to your door and spat out three paragraphs about why you should buy their product, you’d probably wait until they took a breath, then tell them to go away. That pause gives you a second to think, push past their arguments, and decline as you planned on doing from the beginning.

But what if they didn’t give you time? Maybe they’d ask you to make a commitment now. If their pitch was good enough, there’s a chance you might say yes. What if they didn’t ask you to commit at all? They could suggest that you schedule a consultation or set up a time to talk about their products and services.

There are ways to push past the basic instinct we all have to turn down a pitch. You can ease your leads in, make them feel comfortable, then challenge them to do something. That challenge, also known as a call to action, is what makes the ending of a sales pitch letter so important. 

Creating a Call To Action

Learning how to end a sales pitch letter starts with understanding the call to action. We’ve all seen ads that say, “Buy Now!” or “Call for a free consultation.” A call to action is anything that tells your reader to complete a task that leads them closer to a sale.

The reason copywriters add this in is because when you directly tell someone to do something, they’re more likely to do it—especially if that action is simple, like clicking a button or typing in an email address. Don’t ask them to write an essay.

If you ease them into the process, they’re more likely to take a step forward. Give them everything they need to take that action. If your sales pitch letter comes in the form of an email, attach links and forms, so they can complete your desired task without having to look anywhere else. You should also explain how customers will benefit from completing your desired task.

Think about what’s in it for them. Will they save money? Will your product benefit their health or help them take advantage of a vital service? Most products and services are framed as solutions to a problem. Tell your leads that taking action will solve that problem. Try to format your call to action as a question. Questions allow you to keep the conversation going.

They’re a beginning instead of an end, and the last thing you want to do is end the interaction between you and your leads. Instead, ask them if they’d like to save money by setting up a consultation or if they’d like more resources, so they can solve an important issue they’re facing. Keep it about what they want and they will keep coming back for more. 

hand writing showing What Is Your Pitch Question

Keep Your Reader Engaged

Nobody likes a sales pitch. We all avoid it, partially because we don’t want to spend money, but also because they’re boring. Ads can be forced and corny, filled with clichés and saccharine phrasing. Daily life has become so saturated with that language that most of us tune it out as soon as it comes up.

If you want to keep your leads engaged, don’t make them feel like they’re reading an advertisement. Don’t type anything that would belong in an infomercial. There’s no better way to turn people off. Instead, learn how to appeal to them.

Get in their heads, find out what they want, and keep driving that point home. Also, try to diversify your phrasing. Don’t write the same old thing over and over. Find the appropriate voice and adapt it to fit your products and services as well as your demographic.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Copywriters love to create what’s called a fear of missing out (FOMO). It might sound dumb, but if leads feel like there’s a time limit on your offer, they’re more likely to act before they have time to think. One of the best ways to create a sense of urgency is to run sales. Try doing a summer discount or a weeklong price cut—something that hits the bottom line, so your leads feel like they’re doing the right thing by acting on their impulses.

Make sure it’s appealing. If you tell potential customers that they’ll receive a free plushy toy for signing up for your email list, they’re probably not going to bite. But if you make them think that they’ll save money, they’re more likely to take the leap. 

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Learning to write a sales pitch letter takes time and effort. Branching out to different tools and platforms can help you get ahead of the game. One platform that copywriters love is Funnel Mates. They offer lead magnets, landing pages, delivery pages, and all sorts of tools and services to increase revenue. They have a special discount for early users, so don’t miss out. Subscribe now and take advantage of the future of digital marketing. 

Make Yourself Memorable

If you want repeat customers, you need people to remember you. That can start with a link, a phone number, or an email—basic contact information that you’ll find at the bottom of every letter. Also, try to make a connection with the reader. Type in the first person to humanize yourself. Include your name and a signature, or even a postscript (P.S.) to make them feel like you’re talking directly to them. Sales are about personal connections, not just the pitch.


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