How to Create a Digital Marketing Funnel

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The digital world is going at a fast pace. Excellent tactics and strategies are crucial to being a successful business owner. Most people think they mean the same thing, but they don’t. Tactics are a mode of procedure. Conversely, strategy is a combination of tactics. A successful business owner has to be strategic and intelligent. And this is where the digital marketing funnel comes in.

What is the Digital Marketing Funnel?

The digital marketing funnel is a strategic model that represents the complete buying journey of people from the moment they get to know about your brand or product till the moment they become your customers. The digital marketing funnel is a complete and coordinated progressive marketing strategy that guides your indifferent audience into happy customers.

Why is the Funnel Concept Important for your Strategy?

The funnel concept is vital in digital marketing strategy because of all the benefits it has to offer. 

  1. Performs a better division of your marketing actions. The marketing funnel offers better segmentation of your marketing actions like creating ads, directing content, sending out messages, etc. Consequently, the work becomes more efficient. Approaching the funnel the right way is vital as you will get closer to the consumers and stay important in their journey.
  2. Your team becomes more productive. Professionals doing the right thing at the right time and not wasting time on irrelevancies tends to increase productivity. The funnel approach helps you focus on the right things at the right time.
  3. Talking to the right audience. It helps reach the right audience and offers the most appropriate content for each stage of your communication.

How to Create a Funnel

  1. Create a goal. Creating a goal for your actions is vital. Your goal might be to get more of your product out there or it might be to increase your return on investment (ROI).
  2. Structure the funnel. This involves defining the steps you’ll take towards achieving your goal. These steps are a part of your sales cycle. Having a visual image of the stages makes it easier for you to know what the best model for your business is. 
  3. Generating traffic. It is imperative to understand what you need to do to get the traffic you want in each stage. 

Linear Marketing Funnel

The concept of marketing funnels has been around for about a century. The linear marketing funnel is traditionally centered on the predictable linear journey of the customer. The customer moves from awareness (top of the funnel) to purchase (bottom of the funnel).

Non-Linear Marketing Strategy

Using a linear marketing funnel has become somewhat ineffective with the increase in technology and the rise of the internet age. Many people have access to the internet and, as such, access to loads of information. 

With the use of a smartphone, a consumer can search for anything they are interested in and buy products they want at any time. They have access to articles and can read reviews online and gauge the satisfaction of previous consumers of the product.

The linear marketing funnel failed to consider the different paths a consumer may take now. This critical error cost some businesses great opportunities and reduced the overall consumer experience.

Due to the ineffectiveness of the linear marketing funnel, other marketing funnels like the hourglass marketing funnel, the loyalty loop, the micro-moments digital marketing funnel, etc., have great value. No matter the type of marketing funnel you may want to use, your priority would be effectiveness and efficiency. And this is where Funnel Mates comes in. 

Every day, people are coming up with new ways to make things easier for themselves and others. Managing a digital marketing funnel is a lot of work. Creating and designing landing pages, uploading files, writing emails, and setting them up in your autoresponder software is a lot of work. And that’s just for one product.  

Funnel Mates is the first-ever system that automates every aspect of a truly profitable funnel and follow-up system. With this system, you can build a list and immediately start making money with little or no work and no expense. It is also the first-ever funnel system to pay you cash to use it. 

You can get your funnel live in less than 30 seconds. This funnel delivers a gift, sends out emails with training and affiliate promotions, and gets traffic with your affiliate links in every email.  

Data monetization concept with funnel and businessman

How to Create your Digital Marketing Funnel with Funnel Mates

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Settings to input your affiliate details and save them.
  3. Click on the store. You’ll see a great selection of funnels you can unlock. You can choose to unlock a funnel for free or use the credits we give you. 
  4. Go to your funnels page, where you’ll find the funnel you unlocked.
  5. Click on the funnel to view your landing page.
  6. Go back to your funnels page and click on your promotional links button to see all of the hand-picked products recommended in the funnel.
  7. Send your request and your funnel will instantly be profit-ready. When users subscribe, they are automatically directed to the list we have set up and hosted for you. They will see your ads and affiliate links already in place. They will also automatically receive the lead magnet gifts on your instantly activated download page. In addition, they will start getting regular emails from you, written by us, containing your affiliate links in every email.
  8. For traffic, go to your funnels page and click on “funnel link and traffic kit.” You’ll find the link to your funnel and a collection of one-click traffic tools to get more people to your funnel. 

Wrap Up

Funnel Mates offers you instant, automated list-building, and profit-pulling. We not only give you complete access to funnels but also full access to the funnel building app, all of our templates, and the opportunity to sell them for cash!

It doesn’t matter if your business is a large one and you’re looking to grow it more or just starting; Funnel Mates is here to make things easy for you. The developers admit to planning to remove the cash entry bonus and increase the pricing due to the growing demand. 

So, quickly subscribe because the longer you wait, the busier it becomes and the higher your chances of losing out on the perks. Automated funnel building may be the future of web marketing. You don’t want to miss hopping on the train.

Many marketers suffer losses with their sponsored ads on social media; others make high profits. It is not only about recklessly spending money on ads. Do you have a good marketing strategy? To maximize the efficiency of your business, you have to have a digital marketing funnel you can trust any day, any time.


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