How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing

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It’s incredible how often you find one question across social media groups and message boards regarding affiliate marketing. No matter how experienced, the inevitable question “how much can you make with affiliate marketing” comes across the feed. This is understandable, seeing as how many people are trying to use affiliate marketing to build their overall income or leave their current jobs and become their own bosses.

Since affiliate marketing is such a great source of passive income, many people really want to understand how much they can make to create a business plan that will get them to their goals as fast as possible. With so many fantastic resources out there (like the Affiliate Marketers Playbook), when it comes to creating your affiliate marketing business and expanding, it does seem challenging to find the answer to this often asked question.

So we want to solve that problem and give you a look at how much you could potentially make with affiliate marketing if you utilize the resources and information available to you online.

What Is Passive Income?

Above, we mentioned that affiliate marketing is an excellent source of passive income. If you’re new to this niche and unfamiliar with the term, you may be asking yourself, “what does that even mean?”.  

Passive income is when you can make money without very much effort. These systems that offer passive income are usually pretty easy to keep up, and if done right, once you have completed the project and put the pieces together, very little work has to be done from there forward.

For instance, creating a downloadable eBook that details information and tips on your specific niche (like Affiliate Launch Club’s eBook Affiliate Marketers Playbook) is a form of passive income. Once you finish writing it and have done the work to set up the landing page for people to download and order, it will continue to create income even without you doing anything.

Getting Paid – How Does That Work?

We’re sure that making money without minimal effort sounds appealing to many people. But when you do this, how do you actually earn this money? The first step you have to do is sign up for a company’s affiliate marketing program. Many companies and products and services offer affiliate programs to utilize links they give you to earn a commission.

Depending on the company, you might promote a product or service or even a free software trial and a newsletter. When you choose what you want to market, you will find an affiliate link to utilize in your content. This content can be everything from social media posts to blog posts. As each customer clicks on that link, you will get paid the designated commission if they go through and make a purchase.

Typically there are two main types of commission structures that these businesses and creators utilize. The first is a percentage of the sales of the product or service. If someone uses your affiliate link and makes an actual purchase, you get a percentage of the sale amount. Another option for payment is a flat fee. This means that if someone utilizes that unique affiliate link tied to your content, you’ll get a set amount of money.

How Much Can You Make With Affiliate Marketing?

Alright, so now that you understand how you’re going to get paid and what precisely passive income is, we can look at how much you can make by using affiliate marketing. This really depends on how many products and services you market through your content and the pay scale attached to them.

Because of the popularity of affiliate marketing, though, many websites have researched trying to figure out what the average income is for an affiliate marketer. Many have found that the average annual income ranges anywhere from $38,000 a year up to $71,000. This, of course, is for an affiliate marketer who is a well-experienced one, so when you first start out, you may see lower numbers. 

On top of that, you have to understand that it will not be a consistent, steady stream when it comes to the amount of money you make. Your revenue will change from month to month, which means budgeting is vital to your survival.

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Tips On How To Be Successful In Affiliate Marketing

To bring in the most income, you can utilize affiliate marketing. There are some things you have to understand, and we thought we’d take a look at three of the most important aspects.


The first thing you have to do is find a perfect niche for you and your affiliate marketing business. You will have to create content that markets this, so you have to have a passion for it, and there has to be a targeted and loyal audience. Really research niches and look for ones that align with your principles and business.


Next, you have to focus on creating quality content that will convert those followers and potential customers. By doing this, you will answer questions for this targeted audience that helps answer why they should invest their hard-earned money in this product or service.

Affiliate Program

The last thing is you need to look at are the actual affiliate marketing programs. Look at a wide range of options within the niche you have chosen. Find the one that aligns with your principles and creates the highest revenue when it comes to your passive income.

Are you just beginning your affiliate marketing business? Or looking to scale your business? Then having access to an informative resource like the Affiliate Marketers Playbook can help you build that lucrative affiliate marketing business. Be sure to sign up for your copy today! This could be the thing that allows you to finally build that affiliate marketing business of your dreams!

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing is a great way to build a lucrative business or simply make some money on the side to help you build your savings. The amount you will bring into that bank account depends on the products and services you market and your dedication. With dedication and patience, you can create quite the quick income stream for yourself by using affiliate marketing.


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