Funnel Mates Review: Is This The Best Funnel Builder in 2022?

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The main goal of any business is to transform a potential audience into actual customers. Marketing is the answer to all conversion-generation questions, but promotional tools tend to be expensive. Thankfully, we live in the digitalization era, and many processes can be automated to reduce costs – including marketing.

Funnel Mates is a revolutionary funnel-building tool that utilizes automation to boost your marketing ROI. Read our detailed Funnel Mates review if you wish to find out more. In the end, we’ll give an honest verdict and explain who will benefit from the software.

What Is Funnel Mates?

To understand why Funnel Mates is so great (spoiler alert), we should first determine what a typical web funnel is. Generally speaking, any web funnel is aimed at converting leads into customers. A funnel may have multiple entry points and only one ending point. For example, you may raise brand awareness through social media, search engines, and email marketing, but all these efforts filter down to purchase.

In other words, a web funnel is a scope of methods aimed at generating a conversion. The methods include – but are not limited to – content marketing, search engine optimization, paid ads, landing page design, and customer relationship management. Setting up and optimizing all these processes can be time-, labor-, and money-consuming – but not with Funnel Mates.

Funnel Mates is cloud-based funnel-generating software that cuts out the middleman. It provides both beginning and experienced entrepreneurs with the tools necessary to build web funnels without extensive investments.

There is no need to opt for professional help comprising email marketing offers, setting up payments, or analyzing product sales. Funnel Mates will do it all and even more quickly and affordably thanks to complete automation.

Key Features

Funnel Mates offers various features necessary for creating a successful conversion funnel. But, first, let’s take a closer look at the software’s key functionality.

Quick Activation

Perhaps the best thing about the software is the speed of activation and setting up a new funnel. All it takes to start is 27 seconds – enter the required data, and Funnel Mates will generate a custom funnel without any work from your end.

High-Conversion Lead Pages

The software offers a rich collection of thought-through, high-conversion lead pages. The catalog constantly expands to meet the growing demand, so each lead page design is unique. In addition, the pages differ by type – you may offer your audience membership giveaways, video tutorials, or anything else.

The landing, confirmation, and other necessary pages are set up automatically but can be customized. These pages are fully hosted by Funnel Mates; all you need to do is share a link with your subscribers.

Targeted Lead Magnets

Funnel Mates assists at every step of a funnel creation, including lead generation. The software helps you set up lead magnets to gather contact details. This can be done using trial subscriptions, newsletters, white papers, and many other methods. As in the case of lead pages, Funnel Mates is responsible for setting up each step of lead generation.

Hosted Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is a powerful customer relationship tool that helps boost audience awareness, maintain interest, and increase sales. However, email marketing tools tend to be costly and complex for beginners. Funnel Mates offers a cloud-based, hosted email marketing solution with an optional auto-response feature.

Most importantly, you can choose which email tool to integrate among the industry-leading options, such as MailChimp, Zapier, and Sendlane.

The software will compose an email campaign with follow-up emails, including your affiliate links. Funnel Mates integrates with a range of affiliate programs, including JVZoo, Amazon, Shopify, and PayKickStart. Furthermore, there is no subscriber limit, so the software is suitable for businesses of any scale.

Data Analytics

Every funnel offered by Funnel Mates features built-in data analytics extensions to track your efforts. You can get detailed insights into your page views, new subscribers, and conversions. Additionally, the software provides you with a breakdown of clicks per keyword and signups per traffic source. This helps you to determine which marketing methods are the most efficient.

Integrated Review System

Honest reviews build customer trust, so Funnel Mates offers an optional integrated peer-review system for each funnel. Your subscribers can rate your products or services and share their experiences.

Although each funnel is carefully tested before being published in the catalog, their wide variety may make the choice difficult. That’s why software users can also rate funnels to help others choose the one that fits their needs the best.

GDPR Compliance

Each funnel is GDPR-compliant by default, so you don’t have to spend time configuring the privacy settings. The software automatically detects your subscriber location to provide a relevant GDPR policy.

Custom Funnels

Funnel Mates aims to cover all business industries and niches within them, including gaming, finance, fashion, entertainment, and news. But if you can’t find a lead page suitable for your brand or don’t like the offered templates, you may request a custom funnel. Funnel Mate professionals will then create a funnel specifically for you.

Alternatively, you may build your own funnel using a drag-and-drop lead page editor or customize an existing template. Funnel Mates allows you to integrate your own script, expanding the functionality potential endlessly. Your custom funnel can carry your domain name or a different unique name you consider suitable.

If you enjoy creating custom funnels, you can even publish them in the Funnel Mates catalog and receive a commission. The platform takes less than 20% of the admin fee, so it sounds like a genuinely good deal.


Quick activation and ease of use are undoubtedly some of Funnel Mates’ biggest pros. But what is a big concern (and sometimes a deal-breaker) for most software users is the pricing. Custom-built by web marketing professionals, funnels may cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Meanwhile, some Funnel Mates solutions are available entirely for free. That’s right – users can publish their funnels free of charge, regardless of the funnel complexity, design, or niche. In addition, you can unlock up to two free funnels a month, which is sufficient for most businesses.

Each funnel in the collection is priced differently, and the price is determined by its creator. Paid funnel prices start at $1 and may exceed $50. To purchase a funnel, you must first subscribe to the service. Users can choose from two launch tiers, Funnel Mates Access and Funnel Mates Deluxe.

Funnel Mates Access is available at $33.97 and offers you all the essential features. Plus, you receive $10 in Funnel Mates Cash as a gift to select a funnel of your choice. The Funnel Mates Deluxe tier includes everything from the Access tier with an additional $10 spending money, unlimited emails, and VIP dashboard access.

Bear in mind that the cash offer is a limited bonus that likely won’t be available for long. The indicated prices are a one-time service access payment – no annoying monthly subscription fees are involved.

After all your bonus cash is gone, you can continue to launch up to three funnels monthly for free. Alternatively, you may subscribe to one of the three available plans.

The Platinum option costs $27 monthly, $297 annually, or $997 for lifetime access. Although $27 may seem an unnecessary investment considering that many funnels are available for free, you receive $30 in credits each month. Don’t try to collect them, though – the credits will expire. Still, that’s a wonderful option for active software users who regularly launch new funnels.

In addition to $30 in credits, the Platinum plan provides access to unlimited free funnels from the catalog. You also get a more comprehensive email and affiliate tool choice and get to publish white label funnels.

The second option is a Source Code Bundle, available at $97 as a one-time payment. It offers a collection of over 140 free custom-made funnels with PSD files for each, allowing you to edit the source codes. In addition, you receive access to two new funnels every month, so your collection constantly expands.

Lastly, the Agency License option costs $67. It enables you to legally create unlimited Funnel Mates accounts to generate and transfer funnels to your clients. In addition, you will earn commissions from any affiliate links featured in your customer Funnel Mates accounts as a bonus.

Funnel Mates


This section will answer more questions related to Funnel Mates software.

What Is a VIP Dashboard?

Users purchasing the Funnel Mates Deluxe access tier become a part of the VIP channel. The VIP dashboard contains numerous guides to help you boost your ROI, such as guides on using affiliate marketing. Additionally, you will receive a VIP affiliate link. You get a commission when someone purchases Funnel Mates access using your link.

How Much Can Users Charge for Custom Funnels?

Funnel Mates users can create and sell their custom funnels via the funnel catalog. If you’re interested in becoming a funnel creator, you’re likely wondering how much to charge. The short answer is – as much as you wish.

Funnel Mates catalog is a free marketplace where creators have healthy competition. Therefore, you can set your price as low as $1 or as high as $500. However, checking out competitor prices beforehand is a good idea.

How Do I Start Using Funnel Mates?

Building a web funnel has never been so simple – with Funnel Mates, this can be done in three steps. First, register an account, enter your personal and business data, and connect your affiliate networks. After that, you can either connect your existing affiliate accounts or set up new ones. And if you’ve never used affiliate tools before, Funnel Mates will guide you through the setup process.

Next, select your preferred funnel, sit back, and relax – let the software do everything else for you. Funnel Mates will automatically set it up in under 30 seconds.

Finally, activate your traffic toolkit to receive profit from your funnel. Add a payment method and select your payment preferences. Funnel Mates will automatically transfer new funds to your account at your chosen times.

Who Should Choose Funnel Mates?

Funnel Mates is a versatile and innovative tool suitable for businesses of any scale and within any niche. Thanks to the unlimited subscriber number, a wide funnel selection, and various payment options, it’s equally great for start-ups and enterprises.

In addition, there are no major financial risks involved compared to most custom-made funnels. Instead of paying a hefty sum for an entirely new, untested made-to-order funnel, you can choose a free one with an already proven efficiency. Most importantly, no professional skills are required from your end.

Funnel Mates is also a great way to earn cash for marketing enthusiasts. The funnel builder is user-friendly, and the ability to integrate your own code allows for customization freedom. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t take a large chunk of your earnings as many other services do and doesn’t set pricing limits.

Funnel Mates Review: Verdict

Funnel Mates managed to impress us. It’s a simple yet effective funnel-building solution and a brilliant alternative to made-to-order funnels. Of course, like any software, it has certain pros and cons:


  • Complete automation
  • Ease of use
  • Funnel set-up speed
  • Scalability and versatility
  • Affordable and offers multiple pricing options
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Tested funnels with proven effectiveness
  • Ability to integrate custom code
  • Funnel marketplace
  • Full training provided
  • VIP bonuses


  • No free trial
  • Access costs money

As you can see, the only drawbacks are the inability to test the software out before purchasing access and limited customization options. Although Funnel Mates don’t offer a free trial, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. This seems reasonable, so we’re happy to recommend Funnel Mates to any entrepreneur wishing to convert leads into profit.

Don’t Hesitate, Subscribe

It doesn’t matter if you’re only starting out or wish to scale an existing business; Funnel Mates is the solution you’ve been looking for. So subscribe early, as the developers admit planning to increase the pricing in the future due to the growing demand. Who knows, maybe automated funnel building is the future of web marketing.


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